From a 1 man band to film an interview, through to 2 or 3 for a Documentary

Our in hose team have experience in all aspects of film making .



With access to a range of industry professionals enables us to put together

like minded crew members that are highly skilled in their individual fields of expertise.



On location equipment including Sound, Lighting,Dolly, Steadicam, Gimbals, and Drones gives

\us a competitive edge when when it comes to production cost.

It’s all about the ability to scale everything according to budgetary and creative requirements.



Post Production includes Editing, Colour Grade, Sound Post and Deliverable s.

Our team can look after all the complete project making an easier transition and management between the various production stages.



The post production process can either be handled entirely in house or split between our affiliate studios or 3rd party operators.

Every step from Pre Production all the way to delivery of finished product is managed by our production team to ensure an outcome that is both cost effective and quality controlled .